Rehabilitation/ Fitness/ Personal Training


As a member of the Practice Jon has experience working with the musculoskeletal practitioners and has trained clients following operations, shoulder and knee surgery (ACL, PCL, MCL), partial & full knee replacements and hip replacements; not as a substitute for physical therapy but to help bridge the gap between medical treatment and full recovery.

Pre and Post Surgery

“The benefits of exercise before surgery are very clear. The more you can do for yourself physically before surgery the better off you will be.” Professor Daniel Rooks Harvard Medical School.

Managing your health before surgery is crucial and improving your fitness before an operation can reduce complications, shorten length of stay and improve outcomes. Six week bespoke pre and post surgery programmes are available or if you don’t have a date you can always start preparing in readiness; it simply depends on what works for you.


Fitness doesn’t have to be about being the fastest or strongest, it can also be about getting back to normal.

There is strong evidence for the health benefits of exercise and done correctly it can make a real difference in the management of a wide range of conditions and age related muscle loss (sarcopenia). There is no one size fits all approach but as way of examples Jon has worked with clients pre and post surgery, experiencing the menopause, with osteopenia/osteoporosis, post head trauma, pre/post cancer treatment and stage one Parkinson’s.


Strength and Conditioning

Firstly, the focus is on movement quality to improve performance, this can be in any given sport focusing on speed, strength and power, or equally, it could be improving performance in real-life scenarios, such as standing up with ease for elderly clients.
Secondly,the focus is on preventing injury, developing better movement patterns helps to prevent injury in athletes which can help accelerate their career. In our real-life scenario, this could be an elderly client working on proprioception & balance to help them fall less frequently.
Strength and conditioning is a great way to transform your body and get huge results, whether your an athlete or amateur, expert or just starting out. It encompasses so much more than just lifting weights and focuses on a variety of tools to improve movement, health and physical performance.
Strength & Conditioning used to be a niche environment believed only to be for athletes, but as more people come to understand the many benefits of movement-based fitness; the strength and conditioning market is growing. Methods include plyometrics, speed and agility, mobility, core stability, endurance and weight training and so much more depending on the individual or teams needs!

Personal Training

For some the appeal is the ease of turning up and not having to think about what to do; the planning is done and the equipment is ready to go. For others it is the chance to use Jon’s experience and knowledge to improve their own understanding of exercise so that they can go to the gym with more confidence. Some simply need a bit of motivation. For many its a combination of all three.

Different people have different goals but whether you have an aim in mind or just want to get more out of life Jon can make your training enjoyable and productive.

Some of the people who have worked with Jon:

An 80 year old that wanted to improve her balance and confidence.
A couple training for their first marathon.
A professional rugby player wanting to improve his endurance
A partially sighted cyclist preparing for a coast to coast ride.
A mother and daughter that wanted to get fitter together.
A fitness competition entrant preparing for UK and World Championships.

Whether you are looking to refresh your training, a novice wanting to get a bit fitter or starting a rehabilitation programme, working with Jon gives you access to safe, effective training that is designed to see you achieve your aims from getting stronger and faster to feeling better and aging well.


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