June 8, 2020

Posted by: Becca Burrows

What is Reflexology? REFLEXOLOGY/MATERNITY REFLEXOLOGY The principles are based upon the theory that different areas of the feet (or hands), relate to corresponding parts of the body. Pressure is applied and adjusted accordingly, depending on levels of sensitivity.  This is a non-invasive treatment. Reflexology can relieve everyday stress, help relaxation, aid sleep and promote a […]

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Louise Masterson

June 28, 2016

Posted by: Kathryn Lock

COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY Louise works Face to face and remotely.  Shehas extensive experience working with adolescents through to those of retirement age. Louise works alongside her patients to identify patterns of behaviour which will enable them to understand how the presenting issue is viewed and consider alternative responses.  She adopts an integrative approach and works […]

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